Did you know that annually over 500 000 women succumb to breast cancer globally? Breast cancer is explained to be a cancer that forms in cells of the breast and while it is highly prevalent in women, it doesn’t mean men are immune to it.

Look around you, the world has gone all pink from buildings, branding, campaigns and charity runs are themed in pink, ever wonder why?  Well it’s a month the world dedicates to honor and support a  common cause  that encourages masses to wear pink  in efforts to raise awareness on breast cancer, as we as celebrate  survivors and remember those that lost the fight  to the disease.

Ever questioned why, Pink? According to Margaret Welch, the director of the color association of USA pink is thought to be “life affirming, calming, playful, stress relieving, healthy giving and quieting”.  Moreover, it all began in the 90s in the United States and spread throughout the world. During this time ribbons were popular as a symbol of support, it was then, and that yellow ribbons became a sign of support for the military during the Gulf war and soon after the red ribbon came in play as a symbol of passion and hope in the fight against Aids.

Now the pink ribbon began with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation that handed out pink ribbons during their NY City race, though they were the first to use pink it was then popularized by Self Magazine in 1992 together with Estee Lauder.

How do we conquer Breast Cancer? Information and prevention are the greatest allies against breast Cancer. We can only conquer through empowering and encouraging each other to get screened often for early detection. According to Doctors early detection is vital since tumors can be detected even when they are still small, and this ensures early treatment and higher chances of winning against the cancer. Exercise, special diets and practicing healthy habits can help reduce chances of developing cancerous tumors by 40% but we are all encouraged to get screened often.



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