Smart VITEQY is a fast, safe, and contactless delivery app for medication and pharmaceutical products.

We offer a secure, user-friendly solution for the delivery of medication and other pharmaceutical needs. Partner with VITEQY today.

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How Smart VITEQY Works

Smart Viteqy helps Zimbabwean pharmacists safeguard medications and pharmaceuticals while in-transit to customers’ homes and offices through a 2-layer security system in 4 easy steps.

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Order is placed and QR code is generated.

Your customer’s order is out for delivery.

Customer scans the QR code on a tamper-free parcel. Your store will be alerted for incorrect QR scans.

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Why Choose Smart VITEQY App?

It is the perfect way for customers and pharmacies to interact through contactless communication. Customer’s download the app, register their details, your store details under their account and then simply upload their e-scripts or order medication and pharmaceuticals!

Here is a breakdown of how easily the application operates:

  • There will be 2 checkout options, CLICK AND COLLECT or DELIVERY.
  • A QR code is generated with every order.
  • An SMS will be sent to the customer acknowledging order and QR code sent.
  • Once the code is generated, recipient is now able to track the order.
  • The pharmacy attaches the printed/hardcopy QR code onto the package closure.
  • The pharmacy will still have full control of all the transactions.
  • When medications are ready an SMS is sent notifying customer that the order is ready to be picked up or for delivery.
  • For CLICK AND COLLECT orders – when picking up the order for safety and efficiency customer will scan the QR code. A green tick will mean the package is correct and they can be on their way. A red cross will mean it is the wrong person or package.
  • For DELIVERY orders – Customers are able to track the progress of their order as well as when it is out for delivery.
  • QR code works as a tamper proof, an alert is sent to the pharmacy if order has been tampered with.
  • The pharmacies get record for all correct and incorrect scans.

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