Understanding Viteqy and what it offers

It is a medical and healthcare claims processing company with a sheer focus on providing feasible solutions to current market problems and obstacles. An Innovative organization focused on improving individuals’ health by providing health insurance to the diaspora market, corporates, SMEs, informal sector as well as individuals and families in Zimbabwe. As healthcare prices rise, many insurance companies have put more restrictions on what they will and will not cover. That means that even those who are enrolled in a plan with prescription drug coverage may incur substantial out-of-pocket costs. VITEQY solves the inconvenience for you by providing you an insurance policy that will cover for your prescription drugs, acute drugs, consultations, scans, tests and you can claim them anytime you need them. The firm has valuable professional and business relations with local and international players in the medical and health sector. These connections and relations allow us to offer relevant medicine solutions to problems confronting our valued clients.

With monthly subscriptions, individuals and families will be able to claim any health insurance benefits they would have subscribed for. The following is what Viteqy offers:

Doctors Consultations, Treatment and Reviews – A consultation with a doctor is the process of discussing a particular problem and getting their advice, once you are given a diagnosis, suitable treatment is recommended for you, you are then told to come back after a certain period of time to check on your progress. Viteqy has a list of service providers where our clients are attended to. Clients choose a service provider whom they prefer, book an appointment, get diagnosed get a prescription and then collect their medication from our selected pharmacies.

Supply of Prescribed Acute Medication – An acute illness usually indicates a disease or injury that has a rapid onset and is highly likely to clear up in a short amount of time (less than 4 weeks), given the right treatment or medication. Symptoms that are typical of an acute illness include fever, sore throat, running or blocked nose, cough, headache, diarrhea, vomiting or earache. There are also serious acute illnesses, such as appendicitis, pneumonia or bronchitis. With the exception of serious acute illnesses, most of these problems can be treated with acute medication that is designed to be taken for a short amount of time only. This type of medication can be obtained over the counter following the advice from your desired doctor. With Viteqy you are guaranteed to any prescribed medication without any shortfalls.

Supply of Prescribed Chronic Medication – Chronic disease is a persistent medical or health condition that one might experience for long periods of time or their entire lifetime and develops gradually over time. Typically, the disease or condition cannot be cured so must be treated or managed to alleviate symptoms or prevent complications. Chronic conditions are often hereditary in nature but can also be linked to age, gender, environmental factors, or lifestyle choices. Some of the more common chronic conditions include asthma, bipolar mood disorder, Type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma, hypertension (or high blood pressure) Hyperlipidaemia (or high cholesterol) or Thyroid Disease. Chronic benefit ensures you are covered for certain life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, BP, or heart disease that need ongoing supply of medication. Viteqy Plans can cover you for all your chronic medications. We also deliver the chronic medication to the elderly.

Dental Consultation – A consultation is basically an evaluation of the current condition of your teeth. The importance of a consultation is to make patients aware of what constitutes positive oral health and the steps patients need to take, or known as oral advice. Good oral hygiene reduces the chance of tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, it also reduces the likelihood of cavities and the resulting fillings, you have fresher breath and better gum health. As Viteqy we’d like to combat surrounding disease, as well as improve your health by offering you with the best known dentists in Zimbabwe.

Hospitalization Cash-Back – Viteqy Hospital Cash Back Plan is an affordable medical insurance product that can lighten the financial burden with a cash back benefit of 15% of your yearly limit, in the event that you are hospitalized as a result of sickness or bodily injury. When you get admitted you have an option to claim cash to help you settle.

Scans and Lab Tests – Medical scans can produce detailed images of many structures inside the body, including the internal organs, blood vessels and bones. They can be used to diagnose conditions – including damage to bones, injuries to internal organs, problems with blood flow, stroke, and cancer. At Viteqy you are assured of an excellent service so as to improve your health.

We also offer free deliveries of medication to the elderly-Our deliveries services are selectively available for elderly people who are taking chronic medication with no one to assist them with the collection Viteqy conveniently deliver the prescription right at the client’s doorstep.